Gallium Edge is a Cloud Managed Hypervisor for running virtual workloads on any server

Our low-touch hypervisor is perfect for small-business, hybrid application, jumpboxes, or anything that just works better on the Edge.

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Edge Hypervisor

Gallium Edge runs on your hardware

Our Edge Hypervisor runs on your choice of bare metal, turning any server into a Cloud platform in minutes. Modest system requirements make it perfect for low-cost wide-scale solutions.

Low Touch

Designed to cut overheads, deploying a Gallium server takes only a few minutes and can easily be done remotely.

Deploy Anywhere

Because the Hypervisor is Cloud managed; it has no local surface area to secure, meaning you can deploy it anywhere with confidence.

Solid Foundation

Built on KVM/QEMU; the underlying Virtualization technologies in the Gallium Hypervisor are stable and proven.

Screenshot of the Gallium Join Code
Screenshot of the Gallium Join Page
Screenshot of a Hypervisor List
Screenshot of VM Disk View
Screenshot of a Hypervisor List
Cloud Console

Managed from the Cloud

The Console provides you with all of the tools necessary to manage your servers and workloads from a single pane of glass.

Familiar Experience

The experience managing workloads in Gallium is built to behave like the Public Cloud, no tool assembly required.

Inbuilt Monitoring

Native monitoring capabilities check your servers are in good health. Problems are reported to your helpdesk via Email or Webhook.

Template Library

Use our pre-built VM Templates, or bring your own Machine Images and we’ll distribute them to each Hypervisor on demand.


Deploy at Scale

Enable virtual workloads to be rolled out at scale using scripting and automation capabilities that can drastically cut admin workload.

Script Injection

Our Cloud-init Service allows you to securely pass configuration and scripts to VMs, even when isolated from the Internet.

IaaC APIEdge Pro

Manage your Edge resources like they were in the Cloud using Infrastructure as Code Tools and our API.

Container EngineAdd-On

Deploy containerised applications without needing to build tooling to manage the underlying bare metal.

Screenshot of Template Library
Screenshot of VM Scripting Capabilities
Screenshot of Template Library

Deploy 100 Servers for Free

You can deploy Gallium for Edge on your own hardware and use it for both personal and commercial use today.

Quick Start Guide

Compare Editions

Gallium for Edge comes in two editions. Edge is available for free or with commercial support whilst Edge Pro provides the features required for more complex deployments.

Available In Paid Edition Not Available Coming Soon
EdgeEdge Pro
Virtual Machines
Guest VMs
Unlimited Unlimited
Linux Support
Windows Support
Virtual Appliances
Storage Pools
Storage Pools
Two Disk Mirror
Multi Disk Mirror
Use Hardware Raid
Template Library
Popular Linux Distros
Windows Server
BYO Templates
Bridge Networks
VLAN Support
NAT Virtual Machines
TCP Service Gateway
Cloudinit Support
System State Alerts
IPMI Integration
Disk Health
Alert via Webhook
Alert via Email
VM Operations
Standby Replication
Offline Migration
Live Migration
Device Passthrough
Hardware Support
Maximum CPU Sockets
Maximum Memory
Unlimited Unlimited

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