The Cloud-Managed Virtualization Platform

Gallium runs on any server to effortlessly enable scenarios from Edge Compute to Private Cloud - all from a single pane of glass

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Edge Compute

Small Cluster

Screenshot of Template Library

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Screenshot of creating a Virtual Machine in Gallium
Screenshot of Virtual Machine Management
Screenshot of creating a Virtual Machine in Gallium

Orchestrating servers doesn't need to be a chore

Gallium gives Cloud-like experience for running workloads on servers you control. We do this by moving the management layer to the Cloud, everyday operations quick and effortless.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Gallium Hypervisors on your own hardware onsite, in a datacenter, or with bare metal hosting providers. Gallium is compatible with all modern server hardware.

Productivity Savings

Built to be low touch and low overhead. Features are designed to be simple to learn and use. Updates are automatic allowing you to set and forget.

Start Small or Scale Out

With no management infrastructure overhead you get the complete experience on one server or thousands. Manage your fleet across many locations or customers from one place.

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Meet the Gallium Console

Manage hundreds or thousands of distributed servers across disparate networks or customers in a single interface – the Gallium Console.

Deploy and Manage

All of your Servers, Storage, Virtual Machines, and other workloads from a single location

Template and Script

Automation capabilities to cut the time to deploy a new site or scale a workload from hours to minutes

Monitor and Control

Find and resolve issues without needing to implement additional expensive monitoring infrastructure

Screenshot of VM Scripting Capabilities
Screenshot of the Gallium Join Page
Screenshot of the Gallium Join Code
Screenshot of the Gallium Join Page

Move faster with the Gallium Hypervisor

Run our Hypervisor on servers located at customer sites, telephone exchanges, datacentres, or even on moving trains. Everything is managed from the Cloud.


Gallium Hypervisor runs on most x86 servers edge micro servers to datacenter giants. Get up and running quickly by booting our lightweight image.

Join & Configure

Add your new server to Gallium Console, configure storage, and you're ready to go in just a few minutes.


Immediately deploy Virtual Machines using operating systems from our Image library or import your own. Linux, Windows, Virtual Appliances, and more - we've got it covered.

Infrastructure without the burden

Gallium gives you a Cloud-like experience for running workloads on any server without the need for extra tools or capabilities.

Enterprise Support

Every aspect of our product is backed by our leading support team. Open issues directly from the Console and get answers quickly.

Image Library

We provide a library for popular Operating Systems. Always up to date and ready to deploy with your Cloud-init or scripted customisations.

Cloud Managed

As Gallium Hypervisor is managed from the Cloud there's no need to build VPNs or buy tools just to manage your workloads.

Always Improving

New features and updates are rolled out automatically. No more weekend outages to get the latest version.

Multi Site

Roll out Virtual Machines to hundreds of sites effortlessly and monitor them all from a single pane of glass.

Multi Customer

Gain visibility through our MSP portal. Re-use templates and scripts or include your RMM in every VM.

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