VMware Migration Offer

Are you impacted by the recent license changes to VMware products? Gallium makes it easy to switch to an alternative platform today, no matter where you are in the renewal cycle. We’re providing licenses, services, and training to make the switch painless.

Migration Service

Our engineering team will assist you to prepare your environment, deploy Gallium, and migrate all your Virtual Machines.

License Trade-In

We’ll provide a time extension on your license order to cover the remaining term of any VMware product licenses.

Operator Training

We offer in-depth training sessions featuring live instruction and hands-on labs to familiarize your team with Gallium.

Explore Migration Paths

Gallium can readily replace VMware functionality in 1 to 4 node configurations across an unlimited number of deployments. For larger deployments please discuss options with our sales team.

VMware ProductGallium Solution
  • ESXi Free
  • Gallium for Edge (Free)
  • vSphere ECS
  • Gallium for Edge (Pro)
  • vSphere Standard
  • vSphere Essentials Plus Kit
  • vSphere ROBO
  • Gallium for Small Clusters
  • vSAN
  • Gallium HCI Storage
  • vSphere Foundation
  • Gallium for Small Clusters
  • Gallium HCI Storage
  • Gallium Container Engine